Marigold & Grey Announces Partnership with Executive Assistants Organization (EAO)

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Posted By: Jamie Kutchman, Founder

I love it when the stars align and partnerships form that are truly win-wins for all involved. This is one of those times! We are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with the Executive Assistant's Organization (EAO), owned and led by CEO Victoria Louise Rabin. We've officially been selected as their preferred vendor for curated gift boxes and will soon be introduced to their network of over 30,000 experienced Executive Assistants all across the country. We'll also be attending and speaking at their conferences as well as creating monthly gifting-related educational content exclusively for their membership!

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When Victoria and I initially spoke over the summer to learn more about one another and our business models, I instantly felt a special connection to her and her organization. It was immediately evident that we both share a strong belief in serving our clients and members exceptionally well, in the same way that EA's work tirelessly to serve the leaders they support. After having so many EA's as clients over the years, we truly understand the pressure that they are under on a daily basis and the magnitude of their role within your organization. We understand that details matter and they have to be right. Here are M&G, we believe that the gift giver deserves the same amazing experience as the one receiving the gift. With EA's spending so much of their time supporting others, thanks to this new EAO x Marigold partnership, we’re excited for the chance to make sure they're the ones feeling supported for a change!


EAO is a global network of Executive Assistants. The organization provides opportunities for its members to network, troubleshoot, and grow in their chosen careers as Executive Assistants. 

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'The heartbeat of EAO is to always make it our number one priority to listen to our member’s needs and suggestions. By doing so, members are not only heard, but they have ownership in EAO’s metamorphosis. Our sole purpose is to create a monumental shift in the profession, and to shake off the preconceptions of what being an assistant exemplifies by celebrating the role in its entirety. We envision each and every EAO member to develop a reinforced belief in their career choice, and an awakened thirst to improve themselves, by means of compelling training, mentorship and camaraderie among peers.'


We view this partnership as a huge opportunity to assist EA's in their day to day roles! We specialize in gift design for corporate events, ongoing client appreciation, and yes, even weddings and milestone occasions! (And let's face it...EA's are helping with some or even all of these types of events throughout their careers). Over the last five years in business, we’ve helped business owners, marketing executives, and countless EA’s by taking gifting completely off of their shoulders from design to delivery. This has allowed EA's to shift their focus to the many other mission-critical tasks already on their plates and relax knowing that their gifting is safely in our hands. Our mission is to create thoughtfully curated gifts that uniquely and creatively express the aesthetic of their event or their organization's brand. But our expertise doesn’t stop with design. We have all of the tedious, logistical parts of corporate gifting mastered too including gift assembly, shipping/delivery, and even venue coordination. We commit that gifts will show up on-time and in beautiful condition, ready to be presented to the recipients. We can even individually drop-ship gifts directly to an organization's entire recipient list if that is what's easiest for them. Again, we are all about taking gifting entirely off of their shoulders and onto ours instead. 

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We are so inspired by the community that Victoria has created and the resources she offers to her EA members. Having been an EA herself earlier on in her career, she understands and respects the importance of the role. In her website bio, she describes it like this:

“The unique role of an executive assistant is unlike any job position in todays market. If I were to give a fair and realistic resemblance, it would be comparable to a co-pilot, running mate or a first lady. All of which embody unequivocal trust, loyalty and devotion within a symbiotic partnership.

Therefore, it takes a certain breed of individual to take on the role of an executive assistant. Whether the employer is aware of it or not, they seek an assistant with an insatiable hunger to learn the business, the ability to represent their personal and/or company brand, to act on their behalf in their absence, to protect and honor their business relationship and lastly, to act as a strategic partner and confidant."

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We honestly could not have described the role better if we tried! Team Marigold & Grey is so honored to get to know the thousands of members of the EAO Network better over the coming months and helping them achieve their gifting goals. Thank you Victoria for this unique opportunity!

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