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Case Study

Arizona-Inspired Invitation Gift Boxes


Hirtle & Callaghan


Lissa Ryan Photography


Hirtle & Callaghan came to us with a challenge. They had a large-scale client event in Arizona rapidly approaching in January that would require welcome gifts and the same time, they also needed to send holiday gifts to this very same client list. When we heard this, we knew that we would have to think outside of the box and come up with custom gifts that would pull double duty!


With these two distinct objectives in mind, we decided that rather than gifting attendees at the actual event, we would send ‘Arizona Awaits’ themed gifts directly to the recipients ahead of the event to drum up interest and excitement and hopefully result in higher attendance. To satisfy the need for holiday gifts, we made sure to also include holiday language in the paper products and to schedule the gifts’ delivery for the weeks leading up to the New Year. To achieve the Arizona look and feel, we included a modern spin on cactus cookies, locally-sourced Arizona tortilla chips and salsa as well as large succulents as a nod to the desert. We finished off the gifts with a custom note on the inside and raw edge merlot ribbon on a ‘happy holidays’ gift tag on the outside.

from the client: 

"This project was like a jigsaw puzzle in the sense that we had to juggle multiple objectives, some of which seemed counter-intuitive to one another. Holiday gifts that couldn’t seem “too holiday” since they had a business objective in mind. Corporate event gifts that needed to achieve a business objective while still being “holiday enough”. And, not to mention, managing the shipping 800 live succulents within 800 gift boxes. This project was a challenge but incredibly rewarding to see it all come together. A perfect balance between holiday and corporate event, allowing the client to accomplish two goals for the investment of one."

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