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We believe gifting is an art form. But to us, it’s not enough to simply put pretty things inside a box. We value flawless execution and sound logistics as much as we do appearance. From start to finish, our clients are completely stress-free knowing their gifting is not merely beautiful, but also safely off of their shoulders and onto ours.

Our mission is to give you, the gift giver, the same amazing experience as the one receiving the gift.



Our Story

Welcome to Marigold & Grey! We’re a full-service artisan gifting business specializing in gift design for weddings, corporate events, client appreciation, and life’s special occasions. Owner and founder Jamie Kutchman Wynne first recognized the need for the business when creating welcome gifts for her own 2012 destination wedding. She struggled finding unique items to include in the gifts and, on top of that, the execution was a disaster. (Imagine the hectic nature of wedding weekend and gifts ending up at the wrong hotels where guests weren’t even staying...embarrassing!) Two years later, she got up the nerve to quit her successful corporate career and take a chance on creating precisely the business she wished had existed back when she needed it most.

What began as a wedding-focused business has rapidly expanded into corporate event and client appreciation gifting, which makes sense. After all, the need for expertly curated, flawlessly executed, on-brand gifting exists in all areas of life, both personal and professional. While we’ll always have a soft spot for weddings, we’re honored to deliver the award-winning Marigold & Grey experience to all occasions.



Our Client

Are you an event planner with clients looking to gift? An innovative business seeking to elevate client experience? An engaged couple dying to wow your wedding guests? Or a busy individual needing thoughtful gifts quickly? You value aesthetic and convenience equally and are thrilled to finally find a partner to entrust with your gifting from beginning to end. No more rushing from store to store, pulling things together at the last minute. No more messy assembly lines in your living rooms at home, or conference rooms at the office, immediately before an event!

Marigold & Grey clients have different occasions for gifting but they share one thing in common…they’re relaxed knowing gifting is entirely off of their shoulders and onto ours.




notable client logos
notable client logos


Marigold & Grey Founder  & Ceo Jamie



Jamie Kutchman Wynne is a former medical/surgical sales professional turned creative entrepreneur. She founded Marigold & Grey after recognizing the need for highly curated gifting for weddings, corporate events and life's special occasions. She lives in the DC area with her golf-smitten husband and two rescue pups named Lewis & Clarkie and is a stepmom of three. When not designing gifts, she enjoys prop styling, blogging, speaking, and mentoring other small business owners. She’s thankful to run a business where she can flex both her creative mind and business savvy, not merely one or the other. Long weekends spent far away from the city make her world go round. Her wedding colors were marigold and grey.

Marigold & Grey welcomes Personal Assistant Kasee



Kasee joined Marigold & Grey as Jamie’s personal assistant and is fully immersing herself in all things M&G! Having recently moved back to the US after 5 years in Hong Kong, Kasee is loving her new home in Maryland. As a former Household Chief of Staff, she knows exactly how to multitask, manage professional and personal calendars, stay organized, and pay attention to every detail. Kasee is happy to assist Jamie in her everyday tasks, whatever they may be! She is passionate about finding the perfect gift for anyone and everyone, which is why she had been watching Marigold & Grey for a while on Instagram. She was fascinated by the quality and care they put into every one of their curated gifts, while making the experience seamless from start to finish for every customer. On the weekend, you can find Kasee paddling down the Potomac with the DC Dragon Boat Club, listening to old jazz while cooking in the kitchen, or planning her next travel adventure with her husband!

Marigold & Grey welcomes Managing Director Jordan



Jordan first joined Marigold & Grey as the Studio Manager and after two and a half years of high level problem solving, executing smooth and seamless client projects, displaying attention to detail, and always bringing a positive attitude to any situation, she has since earned the role of Managing Director. In this role, she uses her deep knowledge of the inner-workings of M&G to implement new systems and foster a culture of constant innovation and efficiency across all parts of the business. To our clients who know and love her, don't worry! She will still oversee custom gift design projects to maintain our high standards when it comes to client experience. Prior to joining the team, Jordan worked as a Digital Assistant for a Foresight Consultancy, while also juggling her duties as a Property Manager for short-term rentals. Jordan first discovered Marigold & Grey while planning for her own 2020 wedding (which ultimately got rescheduled to late 2021) and immediately knew she wanted to join the team! In her free time, Jordan enjoys practicing her hand-lettering techniques, fostering for the Humane Rescue Alliance, and managing her dog’s budding social media career!

Marigold & Grey welcomes Director of Business Management Katie



Katie joined Marigold & Grey in the Fall of 2021 and has been putting her love for chatting with clients to good use as M&G’s new Director of Business Development ever since! Before joining our team, she spent the first 17 years of her career in the events and catering industry, having most recently served as the Director of Sales for Washington's largest caterer and leading a team of 25 Event Designers. A lover of hospitality and pretty things, Katie followed our story on social media for several years, and was drawn to the creativity, attention to detail, and client obsession of every beautiful project the M&G team curated. The opportunity to join our team came along at the exact moment she'd decided to shake things up in her career and begin a new journey, and the rest is history. Katie is a proud Chicago native, and spends her free time with her husband and two young boys, hosting dinner parties, and cheering on the Chicago Cubs!

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Studio Assistant Casey



Casey joined Marigold & Grey in 2019 as a part-time seasonal helper and quickly became our full-time Operations Studio Assistant where her attention to detail and extreme love of organization helped her shine! Fast forward to today and she leads the operations team as our Production Manager, always ensuring gifts go out the door on-time and in perfect condition. She first became an Instagram fan of Marigold & Grey when she was planning her own wedding back in 2016 and is now thrilled to be playing a key role in what it takes to make gifting projects come to life. Before starting with us, Casey was an Elementary Art and Science teacher for almost a decade. She was compelled to make a career switch because of the opportunity to be a part of a small team that allows flexibility in roles. This, and the fact that she gets to work with beautiful products all day long! Casey enjoys snuggling with her two French-bulldogs, binging on Netflix or Real Housewives, and painting when she feels inspired.

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Production Lead (Custom Gifts) Maria



Maria originally joined Team M&G during the holidays to help out with gift production during our busiest time of the year. It was an instant match and she has since become a permanent member of our team, first being promoted to Team Lead for Custom Gift Production and more recently another promotion to e-Commerce Production Manager. Originally from the Lone Star state, she’s a proud Houstonian born and raised. Her family is expansive and close, with gatherings filled with loving company, delicious food and great chisme (gossip)! Maria is an avid soccer fan and supporter (a former soccer player herself) and enjoys her new home in the DC area for its music, gastronomy, and no shortage of things to do! With experience from managing a very busy pawn shop, Maria can handle anything that comes her way! We’re incredibly thankful to have her impeccable attention to detail, good humor, and non-stop work ethic.

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Production Team Lead Daisy



Daisy first joined Marigold & Grey in the Fall of 2022 as a holiday Production Assistant. She wasn’t phased by the heavy production volume and fast paced work environment and we were lucky to have her return post-holiday as a permanent member of our team! Due to her meticulous work and attention to detail, Daisy has since been promoted to the Team Lead position on our Custom Gift Production Team where she loves the challenge of getting every single detail of each gift box just right. Now as a leader on the team, Daisy is also enjoying bringing the more junior team members up to speed by sharing her gift assembly tips and tricks. Before joining M&G, Daisy was studying Business at Montgomery College and earned her Associate’s Degree. Her goal is to return to the University of Maryland to complete her Bachelor’s Degree (and hopefully still work for M&G on the side). Daisy was born and raised in Maryland and lives in Gaithersburg with her small family and energetic dog. In Daisy's free time, she likes to go on long walks, listen to music, watch documentaries, go shopping, and do volunteer work.

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Business operations manager Morgan



Morgan initially joined M&G part-time as a Production Assistant and after falling in love with the work atmosphere, she was excited to accept a full-time Production Lead position several months later. She successfully led our e-Commerce Team through a surge of significant growth over the next couple of years, taking on more and more of a leadership role. Discovering her love of both process and systems while working in back of house, Morgan accepted a brand new role (and promotion!), now working in front of house as our Business Operations Manger. She is instrumental in establishing and overseeing our inventory system, ordering for the e-Commerce side of the business, and keeping our e-Commerce website up to date. She handles the demands and tight deadlines associated with an ever-growing small business like a pro! Having an amazing team that works together to create something beautiful is her favorite thing about M&G. Originally from Alabama, Morgan received a BA in Marketing from the University of Mississippi in 2020. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the D.C area and traveling whenever possible!

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Account Executive Clair



Clair joined Marigold & Grey as an Account Executive in the Spring of 2023 and has been excited to put her creative talents and vivacious personality to work! Prior to M&G, Clair was an events and customer service expert working in both the social and non-profit spaces to include the United Nations Foundation and the Walt Disney Company. As a hospitality professional, Clair has always admired the work of M&G and was thrilled when she discovered an opening to join this amazing team doing what she already loves to do! Originally from Dayton, OH, Clair is a born and raised Buckeye. Clair currently lives in Springfield, VA with her fiancé and enjoys spending time with her friends and family over a nice bottle of wine. Clair loves to travel and is always looking forward to planning her next adventure!

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Studio Assistant Chloe



Chloë joined Marigold & Grey as Studio Assistant and was very quickly promoted to Studio Manager. Through this exposure to all parts of the business, Chloe quickly mastered the art of curating custom gift designs for our clients as well as sourcing product, and has since been promoted to Senior Gift Designer. Before joining M&G, Chloë worked in the fashion industry as a buyer for apparel and non-apparel products. Her passion for this industry began while buying gifts and beauty products, so she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work for Marigold & Grey in the luxury gifting business. Her excitement for discovering new brands and learning the inspiration behind their beginning made it fitting for her to be part of a small business supporting other small businesses. She loves the creative aspect of gift giving and being able to thoughtfully curate items to make each gift special. Chloë is originally from Connecticut and enjoys traveling to visit family, spending the day at the beach, or hiking with her two dogs.

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Studio Concierge Paulette



Paulette joined the team as Studio Concierge where she supports our Sales & Design team, serving as the initial point of contact for anyone reaching out to inquire with M&G. (If you call or email, be sure to say hi!) Paulette was drawn to this position by the team’s meticulous attention to detail in curating gifts. Prior to M&G, Paulette was a wedding planner and designer in beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico where she honed her skills in cultivating interpersonal relationships, event design, time management, and overall organization. Her commitment to excellence and personalized service makes her an incredible asset to the M&G team! She and her husband now call Silver Spring, Maryland home and in her free time you can find her lifting weights, thrifting, and sharing laughter with friends over a glass of wine and good food.

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Studio Concierge Mia



As a former elementary school teacher, Mia originally joined Team M&G as Studio Concierge' where she was the first-person potential clients come in contact with when reaching out to M&G! Through this exposure to all aspects of M&G, she discovered her love of custom gift design and has since transitioned to a role doing 100% custom gift design. Mia is obsessed with stationery, ice cream, and cute pups. She grew up in Virginia, spent 8 years in Texas where she attended Texas A&M and has been back in the DC area ever since. When not sending out gorgeous gift proposals, she can often be found browsing local stationery stores reading every single card on the wall, behind her iPad creating designs for her Etsy shop, or catching a flight to explore the world. We’re so lucky to have Mia’s calm-under-pressure demeanor, incredible design eye, and second-to-none organizational skills!

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes E-commerce production assistant Jeanne



Jeanne joined Marigold & Grey as a seasonal helper in 2021 and after two successful holiday seasons with us, she agreed to become a permanent member of our e-commerce team, putting her passion for working with speed, efficiency, and execution to good use. She has since been promoted to Team Lead where we rely on her to mentor newer members of the team while making sure quality is always top of mind. Before starting with us, Jeanne was a retired mom and wife, enjoying pickleball, traveling/ cruising, gardening, and watching the Hallmark channel. She loves the flexibility that M&G can offer being part-time while still enjoying all her favorite activities and hobbies! 

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Production Assistant Yvonne



Yvonne initially joined Marigold & Grey in 2021 as a holiday helper supporting the Operations Team. She quickly mastered ribbon tying, gift assembly, the even the art of wrangling unruly wood basket fill. Fast forward to now and we’re thrilled to have Yvonne as a year-round member of our team. She’s currently a Production Assistant on the e-commerce side of the business where she ensures online gift orders ship out on time and arrive to recipients in perfect condition. Yvonne is inspired by the women owned and led environment, enjoys the flexibility of her role, as well as the hands-on, creative nature of the work. Before joining M&G, she worked in the public sector and with nonprofit organizations for many years. Whenever she has free time, Yvonne enjoys the outdoors, studying Washingtonian Magazine for fun things to do, and having dance parties in the kitchen with her daughter.

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Inventory Assistant Stephanie



Stephanie first joined Marigold & Grey as a seasonal helper in the Fall of 2021 to support the operations team during the busy holiday season – think gift assembly, prep work, and lots of ribbon tying! She returned the following holiday season and has since accepted a permanent position as Inventory Assistant where she counts and quality checks all of our incoming shipments – an absolutely critical part of our process. Stephanie loves the hands-on, fast-paced, creative work environment at M&G. Prior to joining M&G, Stephanie worked in the IT field for 16 years before taking a break from her corporate career to become a stay-at-home mom. She lives in Bethesda, Maryland with her husband and three children. When she’s not busy shuttling the kids from one activity to another, she enjoys taking a fitness class or ballet class, running 5 and 10Ks, sipping a green tea latte, and shopping at Target.

Our Studio

Many small businesses get their start in the founder's basement and we are no exception. That was 2014. Fast forward to today and it’s a 14,000 sq. ft. space that we now call home.

Located in the DC Metro Area, the M&G studio functions as both an office space and a warehouse where we handle everything from client and vendor visits to shipping/receiving to gift assemblies and more. You won’t find cubicles or closed office doors here. Instead, our open and airy layout with plenty of space to gather makes it a breeze to collaborate as a team to deliver the exceptional gifting experience we've come to be known for. Gifting is hard work but witnessing the results of our work unfold is always well worth it.

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