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custom gift design


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Welcome to Marigold & Grey. We're glad you're here.

Let us guess. Gifting is important to you but your to-do list is never ending. Yet, as pressed for time as you are, run-of-the-mill gifts just aren’t your thing. It’s a special occasion and you’re determined to stand out and make a statement. If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place! 

We believe that gifting is an art form and as much as it’s our job to create beautiful, well-curated gift designs specifically tailored to your event, it’s equally our mission to give you a stress-free and enjoyable experience where you don’t lift a finger from start to finish.

We believe that you, the gift giver, deserve the same amazing experience as the one receiving the gift.

the design


step one


Fill out our inquiry form! We need practical info like date, venue and approximate number of gifts required but also love details about your event aesthetic and theme.

step two


We'll promptly send you the info you'll need to decide if we're a good fit. We can even schedule a free phone consultation if you prefer.

step three


You decide we're a match so you sign and pay our retainer. We'll ask you to also complete our Gift Design Questionnaire which will help us customize gifts just for you.

step four


Based on answers you provide in our Gift Design Questionnaire, we create an initial gift design concept for your review!

step five


We collaborate on design revisions until it's perfect! Once you sign off on the final gift design and submit payment, congratulations! It’s time for us to begin building your gifts!

step six


We handle all aspects of shipping, delivery and hotel/venue coordination while you sit back, relax and don't worry about a thing!




Air Force Retirement Celebration Weekend


Kendra Barnes, Owner/Founder The Key Resource


When Kendra approached us to create welcome gifts for her mom’s retirement party we were pumped. When we learned that her mother was retiring with the highest possible enlisted rank in the Air Force after 30+ years of service, we couldn’t have felt more honored. It’s projects like this one that remind us what the true purpose of Marigold & Grey is.


We started with crisp white boxes to really let the red and blue in the other items pop. Next we filled the box with white cheddar popcorn sourced directly from Texas (where the party would be taking place), healthy blueberry vanilla snack bars and Voss water bottles. We finished off the goodies with custom badge cookies celebrating her mom’s retiring rank. A small welcome note was included with a sweet message and the itinerary for weekend. The boxes were closed with gorgeous blue and white striped grosgrain ribbon and navy blue Hail to the Chief gift tags.

from the client:
"I've been a fan of Marigold & Grey for years and I was just waiting on the perfect opportunity to work with them since I found out about them after my wedding. When I started planning my mom's [Air Force] retirement celebration I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity! While giving welcome gifts to retirement guests may seem a little unorthodox [but] it was the perfect way for my mom to say "Thank You" to everyone who supported her during her 33 years of military service. All of our guests LOVED the welcome boxes! They swooned over them the entire weekend. I think we've started a new retirement gift trend in the Air Force! The attention to detail and the quality were remarkable. I can't say enough about how amazing it was to work with [Marigold & Grey] on these gifts. They made the process so enjoyable! Their systems and processes were on point and they really care about their clients."