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custom gift design


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If you believe in creating an unforgettable experience for your clients through gifting, you’re in the right place! We believe gifting is an art form. As much as it’s our job to curate gifts that perfectly communicate your business, it’s equally our mission to give you a stress-free and enjoyable experience so you don’t lift a finger from start to finish.

We really do value our clients as much as you do yours!

the design


step one


Fill out our inquiry form! We need practical info like reason for gifting and approximate number of gifts along with details about your brand.

step two


We'll promptly send you the info you'll need to decide if we're a good fit. We can even schedule a free phone consultation if you prefer.

step three


You decide we're a match so you sign and pay our retainer. We'll ask you to also complete our Gift Design Questionnaire which will help us customize gifts just for you.

step four


Based on answers you provide in our Gift Design Questionnaire, we create an initial gift design concept for your review!

step five


We collaborate on design revisions until it's perfect! Once you sign off on the final gift design and submit payment, congratulations! It’s time for us to begin building your gifts!

step six


We handle all aspects of shipping and delivery while you sit back, relax and don't worry about a thing!


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“Better Together” Themed Client Gifts


American Institute of Architecture


When AIA approached us to create gifts for their partners using the theme ‘Better Together’ we were absolutely on board. When they also mentioned that their executive team had a strong objection to using traditional basket fill in gift boxes, we knew that we were in for an exciting challenge!


Our first goal was to come up with a packaging solution that was sleek and modern and did not require basket fill. We selected deluxe matte black boxes with AIA’s logo embossed on the top in high gloss black. Next, we decided to use custom-cut black foam pieces to hold each of the gift contents in place. To build upon AIA’s partnership concept of ‘Better Together’, we came up with a number of goodies that pair well together: beer (Pale Ale pints from Sugarfina) and peanuts, a gorgeous ceramic candle and custom matchbooks, artisan tea and honey, and finally, a leather cord organizer and a branded flash drive. To further drive home the theme, we included custom notecards explaining what ‘Better Together’ means to AIA and thanking their partners for such prosperous relationships. We were excited for the opportunity to think outside the box on this project and we absolutely love how they turned out!

from the client:

“We were seeking a high-end, unique gift for our corporate partners and came to the table with only a general theme of ‘Better together’. Jamie quickly understood our goals, familiarized herself with our very strict brand guidelines, and offered tailored solutions - complete from custom box and packing to quality item “pairs” that aligned perfectly with our theme. To top it off, her team seamlessly packaged and shipped hundreds of gifts on time and on budget. We’ll definitely go to them the next time we need a gift.”