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Posted By: Jamie Kutchman, Founder

Most of the time when we do gift design around here for corporate and client gifting projects, we don't tend to put our clients' logos on every single item within the gift as well as on the outside packaging. Our clients tend to want the branding to be used a little more sparingly to avoid the gifts looking like traditional, predictable corporate swag. However, in this case with our recent project with Martin Aquatic, it was a bit of a special circumstance. It really truly called for the logo being just about everywhere! I'll explain.

custom branded gift boxes

Martin Aquatic, a specialty engineering and design firm specializing in high end aquatic parks, has been in business for the last 30+ years and found themselves ready for a rebrand. Not just a new logo. They wanted to overhaul EVERYTHING including their business name. They kept this a secret from their entire client list and hired us to design boxes to announce the rebrand to their entire client list by sending out an individual gift box to each and every one of their clients. 

custom branded client gift boxes

We began with crisp white foldover style boxes and had their brand new geometric logo in shades of blue printed on the top lids of the boxes. So, as soon as the recipients open the boxes, the new branding was right there catching their attention and wanting them to immediately find out more. We affixed rebrand announcement letters to inside lids of the boxes so recipients could immediately identify who the gifts were from and why they were receiving them. Since after all, up until the point of reading the notecard, the recipients had never even heard of Martin Aquatic since their name was brand new too!

luxury custom client gift box

We wanted to create a celebratory vibe with the gifts while also really showing off the new logo! We began with absorbent stone coaster sets featuring the all-color logo along with branded bourbon tumblers and bourbon chilling rocks packaging in branded velvet pouches. This way, the contents went together as a grouping but also reflected the new branding at the same time! 

custom client gift boxes

We also wanted a fun, sweet treat so we had their logo hand-piped onto individually wrapped sugar cookies. Because these were hand done and not just an edible image, they really made a great impression and served as a conversation piece in themselves. 

custom corporate gift boxes

Typically we like to stay away from brightly covered basket fill just because we tend to match the basket fill to the color of the box so it blends into the background. But because there was so many shades of blue in the new branding and again, we really wanted to call out their new color palette, we made an exception and went with bright blue basket fill in the gifts. Ironically, once the gifts were completed, we realized that the blue fill ended up mirroring water - completely on-point for aquatic park designers don't you agree?

luxury corporate event gifts

Our client reported to us that they were getting inundated with positive feedback from their clients via emails, phone calls and text messages. They were so complimentary of the gifts but they were also reaching out to congratulate them on their rebrand. We are so honored to have been a part of this huge milestone in the history of Martin Aqautic and helping them make such a huge splash! 

luxury client gift sets

Are you looking for custom client gifts and don't know where to turn? We'd love to help taking the tedious task of client gifting completely off of your shoulders from design to delivery! For more information, visit here. For some examples of our past custom projects, visit here. We'd love to hear from you!

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