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Top Employee Appreciation Gift Box Designs of 2022

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Posted By: Jamie Kutchman

How do you thank your hard working employees? When the office has come together as a team and supported each other and the company's mission, on behalf of the business how do you fully express how much you appreciate your employees? One of the best way to show your employees that you care and to thank them for a job well done is with custom corporate employee appreciation gift designed just for your team.

Here are Marigold & Grey we know how important office culture is and how critical each and every member of the team is to achieving a company's goals. This is why we always enjoy working with other businesses and corporations to appreciate and thank their employees. Whether it's a custom curated gift box designed to bring employees together at a retreat, inspire team members to take a relaxing break, or simply thank the office for a job well done, nothing shows appreciation better than a meaningful gift.

Using your company's branding and carefully selecting an intentionally curated mix of thoughtful gifts, delicious treats and functional keepsakes that all employees can use in and out of the office, we've had the honor of working with many businesses and corporations on custom designed employee appreciation gift boxes.

Here is our collection of the top custom designed employee appreciations gift boxes for the year.

Corporate Incentive Trip Welcome Gifts For Club Cisco

Welcome to Hawaii and congratulations on your hard work to earn this incentive trip, was the goal and message of the custom employee appreciation gifts we designed for Cisco. The corporate client wanted to welcome their top employees to the incentive trip they earned with a custom welcome gift basket to greet them at the hotel when they checked in. We packed each retreat gift basket full of useful and thoughtful gifts they could use while on their Hawaiian vacation. 

Corporate Anniversary Celebration Gift Totes For Independent Living Systems

Celebrating team work was the goal of the custom corporate retreat welcome gift tote bags that we designed for Independent Living Systems. To welcome their employees to a 20-year anniversary corporate celebration and retreat, we custom designed a branded beach bag to greet employees at their hotel upon check in. The branded beach tote bags were packed full of useful and celebratory items with a beach theme to recognize each employee for their commitment to teamwork.

Executive Retreat Branded Gift Tote For RF Bank & Trust

"Wow" factor for the executive team and usable team swag was the goal of the custom welcome gift totes bags that we designed for RF Bank & Trust. For their executive corporate leadership retreat in New York City, we custom designed and branded a useable canvas tote bag to welcome each executive to the city. We packed each New York themed tote bag full of company branded functional items, delicious treats and useful gifts like a leather notebook that they could use to take notes during executive presentations.   

Corporate Retreat Welcome Gifts For S2 Capital

Colorful beach vibes to set a relaxing and enjoyable mood were the goal of the custom corporate retreat custom gifts that we designed for S2 Capital. Company leaders wanted to welcome their employees to a fun-filled and relaxing weekend company retreat in Miami, so we custom designed beach themed gifts boxes full of useful Florida-inspired gifts like sunscreen, and corporate branded keepsakes. 

Team Appreciation Gifts For Howard Bailey

Empowering and evolving the team was the goal for custom designed corporate gifts for Howard Bailey. To celebrate employees for their hard word, we custom designed a colorful fiesta themed employee appreciation gift basket packed full of fun and thoughtful items employees could use to relax and celebrate their success.

Corporate Summit Gift Bags For The Wall St. Journal

For their annual sales retreat summit, we custom designed reusable gift tote bags for employees at the The Wall Street Journal with the goal of helping each employee refresh and renew after a long year of hard work. In honor of their remote mountain retreat location, we designed these employee appreciation gift totes with a rustic camp theme. Reusable canvas totes bags were company branded and packed full of thoughtful and meaningful gifts, including a personal welcome letter from company head thanking each employee for their dedication throughout the year.

Employee Recognition Gifts For Willamette Dental Group

Recognition for honored employees celebrating milestones and their anniversaries with the company was the goal of the custom employee appreciation gifts we designed for Willamette Dental Group. They wanted to use their company's brand, but also give each box a glamorous, sophisticated and formal red carpet theme so that employees felt honored and valued for their years of service and loyalty to the company. Included in each custom gift box was a selection of cocktail-inspired and decadent treats to congratulate employees on their milestone achievements as well as a thank you letter from the company's leaders.

Company Retreat Appreciation Gifts For Carats & Cake

Nothing says "welcome to NYC" like a custom designed employee appreciation gift box to greet your employees at the annual goal setting meeting along with a sweet note from the company's CEO and founder. We custom designed Big Apple themed gift boxes packed with luxurious treats and branded gifts for Carats & Cake for their company-wide meeting at their headquarters in New York City. 

Core Value Rebrand Employee Appreciation Gifts For  Seattle Credit Union

The goal of the custom designed employee appreciation gift boxes for Seattle Credit Union was to show their hard working employees how much they were appreciated and to communicate their company's newly refreshed brand core values. We designed their employee appreciation gifts with a custom notecard discussing their core values of investment, inclusivity and inventiveness. The custom gift boxes conveyed appreciation for each colleague with a selection of company branded gifts and local treats from small businesses in the area.

Branded Employee Appreciation Gifts For Sungage Financial

The goal for company branded employee appreciation gifts for Sungage Financial was to make their employees feel special and valued. We custom designed colorful appreciation gifts using their corporate brand colors on company merch for each employee and packed each gift full of useful and functional gifts that their employees could use both in and out of the office.


Hotel Welcome Snack Boxes For Trophy Signature Homes

For their employee's overnight night stay Trophy Signature Homes wanted a custom designed sophisticated overnight hotel box for their annual corporate gala to express how grateful they are for each employee. To appreciate their employees and make their hotel stay comfortable, we custom designed welcome gifts to be festive and useful. Each hotel gift was packed full of decadent snacks and goodies to enjoy with at the company gala.

Company Branded Employee Thank You Gift Bags For Usher

The main goal for custom corporate gifting client, Ushur, was to show their employees how much they are appreciated and to provide employees with branded gifts that they can use all year long. Without loosing the company's brand, we custom designed branded gift back packs that were festive and luxurious at the same time. We used their company's logo and brand colors to custom design a luxurious branded back pack and stocked it full of more branded keepsakes, delicious treats and decadent gifts that their employees could enjoy.



We've had the honor of working with many notable businesses and corporations this year to help them find unique and meaningful ways to thank their loyal employees.

Whether it is in honor of a milestone achievement, honoring years of dedication to the company, to thank them with an incentive trip they earned, or to welcome employees to a corporate gala or sales summit, there is always a reason to appreciate your employees and remind them how much their dedication and commitment to the team matters to the company's goals and mission. 

It's always a good time to thank your employees! 


When it comes to corporate gifting, gifts for your business, or gifts for your company's employees, clients or events, there are three unique ways to gift with Marigold & Grey.

If you're interested in elevated branded gifts for your company for employee appreciation, holiday or any corporate event in between, please get in touch with us to ask about our custom corporate gift design services. We'd love to work with you or your team to create something that reflects your company's brand. 

In addition to custom gift design, we also offer a thoughtful semi-custom gift design program with low order minimums and your company's logo and brand on each gift you send. Our Add-Your-Own-Logo Program is perfect for businesses that want to send company branded gifts throughout the year for special occasions like employee appreciation, birthdays, thank you gifts and more.

For curated gift sets and themed gift baskets that are easy to send, don't forget to shop our curated collection of ready-to-ship gift boxes with quick turnarounds and perfect for all occasions.

Happy employee appreciation gifting! 



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