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How to Remain Stress-Free on Your Wedding Day

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Posted By: Jamie Kutchman

Take it from me, it’s crucial to relax on your wedding day. I got so stressed out on my big day two years ago, that I missed more than half of the reception stuck in the bathroom throwing up. I can't even believe I'm sharing this picture but here goes nothing.

This picture you see below is a pale-faced bride with a wrecked hair-do, swollen eyes, smeared makeup and zero lipstick who had to force herself off the bathroom floor and back into the tent to cut the cake so her guests would know it was technically okay to go home if they wanted to. (I guess etiquette says guests shouldn't leave until they cut the cake?) Anyway, I was SO nauseous from stress I couldn't even zip the gown back up. Each time they tried, I would gag. I'm sure the people behind me were all getting a peep show since I was basically unzipped in the back. Which also explains why the dress is sagging and my bra is showing.

Am I smiling? Nope. Am I dreaming about what lies ahead with my brand new husband? Nope. What am I doing? I'm trying not to puke on my cake! Nightmare, right? My experience is a bit of an extreme but knowing what I know now, here are ways to prevent what happened to me so you can truly enjoy your big day and not have to end it early like I did. Or worse, look like THIS at your wedding reception.

Don't Just Hire a Planner. Hire the Right Planner.

Most of my angst on my wedding day was a direct result of me choosing the wrong planner. Early on, I knew it wasn’t the right fit but wasn’t able to pull the plug and find a new one in time. So, I hung in there and ended up paying dearly. Don’t just rely on online reviews. Try to get word-of-mouth referrals from friends and friends of friends wherever possible. Oh, I can’t stress this enough!

If you can’t afford a full service planner, try to allocate enough in your budget for at least day-of planning services. Skimp in other areas if you have to. This way, your bases are covered and you’re not worried about any logistics on your big day. It really is THAT important.

Beauty Rest

The night before your big day, get sleep. This is easier said than done considering you’re surrounded by family and friends in major celebration mode and you feel the desire to soak it all in. You likely have your rehearsal dinner on your wedding eve which can automatically lead to a rather late night.

Allot time in your schedule to get yourself to bed at a decent time and have your MOD and bridesmaids hold you to this. Next, create an environment where you can actually relax before falling asleep. If this means only having your maid of honor in the room with you the night before, then do it. Pack comfortable pj’s and maybe some earplugs and an eye mask if you’re in a hotel situation. Take a soak in the tub with some relaxing music. Whatever it takes to keep you calm. A tired bride is not a happy bride.


This one sounds obvious but in all the many things going on that day, you won’t necessarily remember to drink water. This is really important to plan ahead. Make sure to have your favorite water bottle with you and carry it around all day from hair & makeup all the way to getting dressed. This will prevent headaches and keep you feeling your best.


Here’s another obvious sounding one. If you’re anything I was, you’ll have butterflies in your stomach from the moment you wake up and it won’t inherently dawn on you to make food a priority. Make sure your attendants are tasked with making sure you eat. Not huge meals, but little ones throughout the day to keep your energy levels up. You don’t want to crash later in the day and feel awful for your reception! Or worse, risk fainting during the ceremony.


Make sure your wedding day emergency kit includes Pepto or Tums or an equivalent. If you’re prone to a queasy stomach, have something handy and you may even consider taking it as a preventative measure!

Breathe & Feel the Love

This is the most important one on the list. Your wedding day comes along once in your lifetime. It flies by. It’s the ONE day where all the people who love you will be present in the same room at the same time. No matter what goes wrong on the day, big or small, take moments during the day to stop and breathe and feel the love that surrounds you. No wedding detail is as important as this. Even if all the plans were to freakishly go wrong, you’re STILL getting married to the love of your life and you’re STILL joined by the people in your life who have your back. Ultimately, nothing else matters, right?

Wishing you a super special, memorable, and calm wedding day!

This was originally written as a guest post for Kimberly Florence Photography. See the original here.

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