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The Art of the Thank You Note

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Posted By: Jamie Kutchman


Photo by Shannon Bradfield via The Pretty Blog

Whether it be for your wedding gifts, bridal shower gifts, bachelorette party gifts, holiday gifts or an extraordinarily kind gesture, there is definitely an art to writing a 'thank you' note. However, this doesn't mean it has to be difficult and time consuming. Follow this guide and you'll not only send a genuine note but will also be done in no time!

Rules of Thumb:

  • Always hand-write your thank-you notes. You can use your printer for the envelope if you wish but the body of the note should always be in your handwriting. It's more personal this way.
  • Try your very best to send within 30 days of receiving the gift.

1. The Greeting

Think of how you would greet this person in real life and that is generally how you should open the note. For example, if you address them by their first name, then it's perfectly appropriate to do the same in the note. However, if it's a more formal situation and you'd address them by Mr. or Mrs., then opt for the more formal greeting. The same is true for using "Dear" as your salutation. For example, if you're writing your bff, then saying "Hi so-and-so" would sound more genuine than "Dear so-and-so"

2. The What

By keeping track of the gifts you're given, this part will be very easy. This is where you simply thank the person for precisely what they've given you. If it's money and you're uncomfortable saying "thank you for the $50 check", then you can instead say "thank you for the generous gift" and be more specific in the next part. If it's a non-monetary gift, make sure to use descriptive words as best you can. This can be especially tricky when it's shower gifts and you're mainly receiving household items that you registered for. But with a little extra effort in this part, your note will sound warm and thoughtful!

Thank you very much for the set of bath towels for our guest bath! They are so soft and luxurious. And not to mention, the color is just perfect for our decor. They really make our house feel like a home!

3. The How

Give some thought to how you will use the gift. This is what takes your note to the next level and makes it heartfelt and genuine. This part is especially important when you receive a monetary gift. It takes the sometimes impersonal monetary gift and turns it into something very special!

Thank you so much for your generous gift. It will allow us to book the bicycle tour around the island on our honeymoon which is something we've been dreaming of doing together!

4. The Future

Always look to make a future connection with the person. Some examples:

We hope to have you over soon to enjoy dinner and drinks! I will be in touch soon to check your calendar.

We would love to have you over soon after our honeymoon to share with you our pictures from the bicycle excursion!

Not inspired yet? Here are some adorable examples of thank you stationery. If you weren't motivated to start writing before, you will be now!


Truly Charming via Wedding Paper Divas (front, back)


Ringed with Roses via Wedding Paper Divas (front, back)


Elegant Exchange via Wedding Paper Divas (front, back)

How-to-Write-A-Thank-You-Note How-to-Write-A-Thank-You-Note

Fancy Hello via Minted


Modern Botanicals via Minted


Design 42 via Haute Papier


Design 47 via Haute Papier


Design 51 via Haute Papier


There's something so special about a thank you note, and a gift makes your mail to your nearest and dearest even more joyful. Peruse our collection here!

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