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5 Tips for Fabulous Corporate Event Welcome Gifts

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Posted By: Jamie Kutchman, Founder

In addition to wedding welcome gifts, we are also busy creating custom swag for corporate events.  However, while weddings and corporate events often have very different feels, we definitely don't believe corporate gifts have to be "stuffy". Today I'm sharing my tips for creating fabulous corporate gift boxes.

5-Tips-Fabulous-Corporate-Gifts Photo & Styling: Marigold & Grey

Match the Event's Color Palette & Style

Keeping the event’s style and color palette in mind is one of our universal rules for gifting. By doing this, you help to set the tone for the event and the complete experience guests can expect to have while attending. A tip: keep your branding colors in mind, but don’t feel as though you need to include pieces that match them exclusively. It's okay to look beyond your brand and think about the colors of your event as a whole.

5-Tips-Fabulous-Corporate-Gifts Photo & Styling: Marigold & Grey

Include a Welcome Letter

Before writing the welcome letter for your custom corporate gifts, consider taking a brief pause. We say this because it can be easy to slip into “corporate writing mode”. Instead, think about the tone of a letter you would love to read outside of the corporate world. Words like “warm”, “intentional”, and “grateful” likely come to mind. Although your event may support your business in nature and content, guests will tend to view it as a fun experience outside of the office. Create this experience with your tone, word choice, and helpful information.

5-Tips-Fabulous-Corporate-Gifts Photo: Red October Photography

Mix Fun & Functional

As a corporation, functional pieces tend to be top of mind. However, guests are hoping to find fun gifts too! Bottled water is always appreciated, but pairing it with locally-sourced artisan chocolates and roasted chickpeas is REALLY appreciated. Also, consider locally-sourced items especially if you’re welcoming guests to a trip or conference that's out of town.

5-Tips-Fabulous-Corporate-Gifts Photo & Styling: Marigold & Grey

Introduce Corporate Logos

Rather than solely looking to traditional promotional items such as pens and paper as ways to introduce corporate logos, think outside of the box. Add your company’s logo on the gift tag placed outside of the crate, box, or bag. It will serve dual purposes – you’re reminding guests that you’re hosting the event, but you’re also welcoming them simultaneously! Additionally, consider a cookie featuring your logo as a great way to wow your guests.

5-Tips-Fabulous-Corporate-Gifts Photo & Styling: Marigold & Grey; Calligraphy: Just Write Studios

Appeal to Both Genders 

Perhaps the hardest part of gifting (and the reason why we’re often turned to for custom gift design service!) is bridging the gender gap. Try to avoid creating one set of gifts meant for the gents and a second set for the ladies. Gifts with unisex contents means each recipient can be presented with their gift upon check-in without having to sort gifts accordingly. This quickens the welcoming process! Plus many of your guests will enjoy receiving the same universally-loved items.

5-Tips-Fabulous-Corporate-Gifts Photo & Styling: Marigold & Grey

What is the best piece you have ever received in a corporate welcome gift? We would LOVE to know! Leave it in the comments, pretty please! Also, for more custom gift design ideas, check out our gallery page.

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  • Danny: December 27, 2018

    Great welcome gifts for corporate events.Loved it !

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