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Curated Gift Box Business Marigold & Grey Announces 2020 Business Goals

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Posted By: Jamie Kutchman, Founder

Since we just publicly divulged whether or not we met our 2019 goals, it's time to unveil our 2020 goals. Why set goals, anyway? It's important for us to push ourselves so we can continue innovating and making gifting as stress-free and inspiring for our clients as possible. With all of this said, it's also crucial that the goals are actually achievable so we have a realistic shot at accomplishing them and don't give up on goal setting altogether. We also find that by formally announcing them to you that we do a much better job holding ourselves accountable. They serve as a roadmap for us throughout the year and keep us on track.

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Without further adieu, here's what what Team M&G will be up to this year...


Yes, it's true. We're launching a podcast!!! This has been something on my mind and heart for a year or two but I worried that there were already so many podcasts out there and secretly questioned how would ours stand out. And in this questioning, I did nothing about it. But after some business-changing and life-changing experiences in 2019, it became more clear to me than ever than I MUST move forward with this and bring this vision to life. Happy to report we've already made significant progress towards this goal! We have a concept. We've named the podcast. We have all of the equipment. We have a comprehensive list of guests we plan to invite. Once we finish the remaining behind-the-scenes tasks associated with starting a podcast (and whoa there are many!), we can't wait to finally reveal to you all that we've been working on and hope that you'll listen and subscribe! In the meantime, any guesses on the topic?!


You might recall back in April of 2019, we officially launched our 'Add Your Own Logo' Program. This program allows our clients to choose any gift from our Ready-to-Ship Collection in our online shop and for $8 additional per gift we will remove our branding from the gifts and include our client's logo instead. We do this in the form of logo gift tags and branded logo notecards with message of their choice. To quality for the program, clients must order just 5 gifts or more at at time. This program has taken off and allowed so many of our clients to enjoy the benefit of branded gifts at very low order minimums. While we are currently offering the branding with paper items only, our goal in 2020 is to expand the program! We want to offer more ways for clients to add their branding to the gifts whether it be printing on the boxes or even engraving. Stay tuned as we will be releasing the details here on the blog as well as on social media and, of course, to our email list who is always the first to receive the scoop on anything new!


While our building fire was back in September of 2019, repairs still have not begun on this original studio space. The space above it where the fire originated must first be stabilized, cleaned, and repaired before they even begin work on ours. This is because we run the risk of further damaged to our space in the repair process upstairs so we must wait a little while longer. (We hope it's only a little while longer!) Once this happens, we will have officially doubled our square footage after having already taken ownership of the expansion space. As soon as these repairs occur, our goal it to once and for all determine how we'll use the entire 6,000 sq ft to maximize efficiency. Secondly, since most all of our studio furnishings were lost in the fire (think sofas, rugs, chairs, art, etc), we look forward to starting over and outfitting the new space so it looks and feels like our brand. We also look forward to welcoming clients into our space far more often now that we have a completely separate area designated for meeting together, touching and feeling actual gift examples, and then welcoming them into our separate production area if they wish. Previously, once they entered the studio, BAM! They were right smack in the middle of shipping and receiving and gift production and it made conducting meetings less than ideal. So, a few different smaller goals embedded in this overarching goal but they are all very much related.                                                 


We more than doubled our revenue in 2019 yet somehow did it without adding another full time member to our team. While I'm proud of the fact that we do a lot with a little, we could be so much more efficient and can look to further scale the business with a larger team. Our next hire will be absolutely be another operations person to back up our Director of Operations and set us all up for success as we execute overlapping and complex custom projects all while managing the fast-growing e-commerce side of the business. 


Our bridal party and wedding collection in our online shop are in desperate need of a redesign. We fully acknowledge this and have for a while but just didn't have the bandwidth to pull it off last year. However, it is absolutely at the top of our list for 2020 and we are fully committed to launching this new and improved collection in Q1. We plan to expand the collection in terms of number of gifts to choose as well as introducing gifts as several different price points. And, of course, fresh new designs that modern couples, and those gifting them, will be inspired to give! 


Of all the goals on this list, I must say that I'm MOST excited about this one. In addition to updating our wedding collection in the online shop, we will also be launching an entire charity collection! This collection will be include curated gift box designs that will each have its own charity associated with it based on the nature of each specific gift theme/design. We can't give away the specifics just yet but please be on the lookout for this! 

Please follow along with us this year and hold us accountable! We love being transparent with our top goals and initiatives each year because ultimately the business is here to serve our clients. If we don't have clients, we don't have a business and so being held accountable by the very people we serve is a no brainer. Drop us a comment or reach us here. We always love hearing from you!

Wishing you all an incredible 2020...a brand new decade!

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