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Planner Profile // Rhiannon Bosse of Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations

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Posted By: Jamie Kutchman, Founder

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman , Founder

We are SO excited to be bringing back one of our all-time favorite blog series, The Planner Profile. We're getting this series back on track with none other than Rhiannon Bosse of Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations. Rhi is not only an incredible wedding and event planner, floral designer and stylist, but I'm also honored to call her a friend. Read on find out how Rhiannon got her start, her favorite wedding traditions and the best part about being a planner!

Image: Samantha James Photography Image: Samantha James Photography


Please tell us a little about yourself and how you ended up as a wedding planner?

My professional journey starts back in 2008 when I graduated college with a dual honors broadcast and print journalism degree. Unable to find a job anywhere in the country but loaded with a resume full of experience and accolades, and an eagerness to start my career, I felt like there must be something out there worth pursuing beyond what I studied in school. To help make job searching less depressing (it was after all 2008!) I started a blog about my love for dessert and baking on Valentines Day of 2009 and that single decision set in motion my entrepreneurship story. It very much was the foundation for the company I now run nearly a decade later. I never ended up becoming a news reporter like 2008 Rhiannon thought she would, and I didn't open a bakery like 2009 Rhiannon wanted to, but instead I run a small but mighty event planning, floral design, and styling company that's a million times better!

On a personal note, I'm a joyful wife, adventurous mother in pursuit of a building a life-giving home, and passionate advocate for sharing stories that transform lives. My role within my home and family is my favorite and most important job.


What sets you apart from other planners in the industry?

I think what sets me a part is a combination of being incredibly loyal and personable along with staying creative even when my decisions and choices are not trendy. The wedding industry is always changing much like the people and trends within it. So it's part of our job to stay relevant and find ways to be better versions of ourselves from season to season without losing sight of who we are at our core; that's a big feat! And one I feel like I have done well in my company so far.

Image: Kelly Sweet Photography Image: Kelly Sweet Photography


Please describe your ideal client.


My ideal client values experiences as much as they value tangible things that stand for intentionality and beauty. My ideal client is a busy professional or student, or sometimes is someone not all that busy but in pursuit of an enjoyable wedding planning process that is stress-free and streamlined. My ideal client is drawn to a romantic aesthetic, craves traditional touches, and looks for details that will help make their celebration reflective of their personalities versus a duplicated look from the pages of Pinterest.


What’s the best advice you have for brides and grooms to be?

Hire a planner and if possible, a planner that can also serve as your wedding designer and stylist! They truly are worth every single penny and then some. The final push that motivated me to start my business was right after my own wedding when I realized I had failed miserably at both executing my wedding day myself while simultaneously being the bride. While I woke up the morning after my wedding so grateful to have the best husband next to me, I felt a deep sense of regret for not getting to enjoy the day the way I wanted to. Had I invested in a planner or even someone to help manage all of the moving parts at the final hour I feel like that wouldn't have been the case. Starting my business not only came from a place of wanting to create something professionally but it came from a place with personal motivations, to make sure every single client I work with has the opposite experience I did.


Best part of being a planner?


There are so many! The creative process is one of my favorites because I get to challenge myself, flex my creative muscles (a favorite pastime since I was a little girl), and create things others can indulge in and be blown away by. But more so, the best part for me is getting to love well on others. I believe there are good planners and there are great ones and the small difference between the two is an ability to love your clients, and everyone involved in each wedding, really really well. It's hard to mess up in this industry when love drives how you talk to, treat, interact, and work with and for others.

Image: D'Arcy Benincosa Photography Image: D'Arcy Benincosa Photography


Most challenging part of being a planner?

For having a job that so often is paralleled with Jennifer Lopez's character in, 'The Wedding Planner' we sure have stressful jobs as wedding planners. While the constant managing and organizing of hundreds of details, documents, ideas, decisions, and people is one of the trickiest parts, what I feel like is the most challenging is having the expectation that because I'm the planner and my team is on site day of, we're responsible for no less than perfection. Drunk guests? The planners will help with that! Shuttles got lost? The planners will drive out and lead the way to the venue! Clogged toilets? The planning team can find the plunger! Rain in the forecast? The planners will fix that (wait, what?). Jokes aside, we WANT and really try to do everything we can to deliver nothing but perfection yet for obvious reasons that's not always feasible and that can make us feel like somehow we're doing a less than stellar job if something beyond our control happens (which sometimes it does). That truly is the hardest parts of this gig. 


Biggest wedding disaster and how you overcame it?


I would hate to throw any clients, their families, guests or vendors under the bus but I will say this; in any disaster we have encountered whether it's weather related, due to a guest, or oversight on a vendor OR own end, we are usually able to overcome it with quick thinking, team work, and having a back up of tools, supplies, and resources.


Favorite wedding tradition?

Goodness, there are so many favorites! But my team will tell you one of my most favorites is the tradition of a wedding cake; and not a small two-tier cake but we are talking a big, elaborate, old fashioned, buttercream cake. Nothing beats a beautiful and delicious tiered confection in the center of the reception space or the sight of a newly married couple cutting into that cake together while their guests watch in delight. 

Image: Kelly Sweet Photography Image: Kelly Sweet Photography


Fave color palette?

I love blush and champagne as much as the next wedding planner but a classic black and white wedding will forever remain near and dear to my heart. It's timeless, a bit moody, balances out masculine and feminine well, and makes for a grown up and sophisticated celebration. Also, blue is really growing on us lately in the RBC studio. We've been able to do some really cool design work with different shades of blue over the last season.


Fave spot for a destination wedding?

We've already done two weddings in Italy so I'd have to say it would be a fun project to take on a traditionally tropical wedding location (like the Dominican, Bermuda, etc) and make that come to life without birds of paradise, artificially colored orchids or teal blue chair sashes; and not that there's anything wrong with those particular things it's just that there is so much more to a beautifully warm paradise of sun and sand. It's a rewarding experience taking a space and transforming it into something unexpected. 

Image: Samantha James Photography Image: Samantha James Photography


Fave ‘something blue’?

If it means something special to the bride then it's my favorite. Whether it's their dream pair of blue heels, a piece of their late dad's blue work shirt sewn into their dress, or blue flowers from their grandma's garden tucked into their bouquet, I'm always eager to hear how each of my clients plans to incorporate this fun tradition into their wedding look.


Fave floral?

White hellebores are my most favorite. Followed by Japanese sweet peas. Followed by crowd favorite, the peony.

Thank you Rhiannon for sharing your background, signature style and words of wisdom with us today! Much appreciated! We love sharing Planner Profiles on the blog, so stay tuned for more to come!

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