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Luxurious Gifts for Mother’s Day With Easy Delivery

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Posted By: Jamie Kutchman

It goes without saying that our moms deserve more than just one day, but every year around this time, if you find yourself struggling with what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, frustrated and scrambling last minute unsure if your gift will arrive on time, you are in the luck as we make this the easiest gift you ever delivered to your mom.

We’ve got your back this Mother’s Day with a collection of the best, most luxurious collection of gift sets that any mother will appreciate. But, best of all, our Mother’s Day gifts are conveniently delivered right to your mom, so there’s no more stress and confusion over the right gift for your mom. (Don’t worry, we don’t need to tell your mom how easy ordering her gift was this year, we can keep it our secret!) 

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, the mother of your children, a newly pregnant expectant mom, or an important mother figure in your life, you can’t go wrong with our luxurious and easy-to-send curated gifts delivered for mothers. We have a collection of over 100 curated gift themes from gardening to self-care to digital detoxes to golf all ready to be conveniently sent to all types of moms. So, if your mom, or the one you call “mom” could use a break, she loves to cook or she’d rather curl up with a good book, we definitely have a thoughtful gift set for you to quickly and conveniently deliver right on time.

Did we mention that all of our curated gift designs include a complimentary handwritten gift note card message inside of your Mother’s Day gift? All you have to do is select the gift set that you know your mom would appreciate and let us know what you’d like handwritten on the gift note card. And that’s it! Your work for Mother’s Day is officially done! We’ll take care of the rest and deliver your mom a luxurious, high-quality gift set that we know she’ll appreciate with a handwritten note - just from you! 

This Mother’s Day, our gifts are simple to order, convenient to deliver, and you get all the credit! Let’s take a look at some of our top picks for curated gift sets to conveniently and easily deliver right to your mom this year for Mother’s Day.

Shop Mother’s Day Gift Idea:  ‘Out of Office’

If time away from the office and a mental health break is really what you want to gift your mom this Mother’s Day then there’s no question that our signature ‘Out of Office’ gift set is in order. If you’re looking for a luxurious gift for your mom that will conveniently give her an excuse to leave her work behind in search of a little rest and relaxation, this is the Mother’s Day gift for your mom.

Packed full of everything moms need to take a break, this relaxing Mother’s Day gift set includes a handwoven striped beach towel, an M&G signature soy candle in bergamot rose scent, rose-infused body oil, botanical facial steam, a pair of plush socks, and a wild rose scented bath soak.

Shop Mother’s Day Gift Idea:  ‘Staycation Day’

If your mom needs an excuse to take a vacation, but always seems to have an excuse for not taking a much-needed (and well-deserved!) trip, then our signature ‘Staycation Day’ gift is just the ticket. Think of it as a vacation in a box! This is a bucket list trip-inspired gift set conveniently delivered right to your mom so she can easily take a vacation anytime she needs a minute to herself.

Full of everything your mom needs to take a vacation, this relaxing-themed gift includes an amber and bergamot scented soy candle, gourmet small-batch coconut caramels, a natural fiber washcloth, eucalyptus-scented shower steamers, a pair of cloud-like plush socks, and a vitality flavored chocolate bar.

Shop Mother’s Day Gift Idea:  ‘Bunny Bébé

If you’re shopping for an expectant mom or you want to give a first Mother’s Day gift to a new mom, then it’s definitely our signature ‘Bunny Bébé gift set you’re after. We're weepy just thinking about this adorable baby gift set with a little something for baby and a little something for mom too!

This curated Mother’s Day gift set is perfect for expectant and new moms because the gift basket is a gift itself serving as a chic nursery storage option once the gift is opened. This mom and baby gift includes a large seagrass basket, a bamboo knit swaddle blanket, a copy of "Guess How Much I Love You" board book, a pair of bunny-shaped baby booties, a package of baby balm, and a knit bunny rattle.


Shop Mother’s Day Gift Idea:  ‘Book Worm’

Calling all book-loving moms! If your mom loves nothing more than a good excuse to curl up with a good read, then the best gift to get her this year is our signature ‘Book Worm’ gift set. Literary lovers will appreciate this gift set curated just for moms who love to read.

Full of everything your mom needs to take a book break, this reading-themed self-care gift set includes a black and ivory striped blanket, a book light, a leather bookmark, a black clay mug, a pair of library-themed socks, and a copy of the "100 Books to Read & Reread" book.

Shop Mother’s Day Gift Idea:  ‘But First Brunch’

If your mom is the first one to make a big brunch for everyone to enjoy, then there’s no question that our signature ‘But First Brunch’ gift set is the right choice this Mother’s Day. But, the only caveat to conveniently delivering this brunch-themed gift set to your mom is that you must be the one to clean up and do the dishes. Deal?

Full of everything your mom needs to whip up a delicious pancake brunch for the whole family, this breakfast-themed food gift set for mom includes a striped tea towel, a jar of small-batch fruit jam, a silicone spatula, a wooden whisk, a container of gourmet buttermilk pancake mix, a package of roasted salted pecans, and a bottle of organic maple syrup.

Shop Mother’s Day Gift Idea:  ‘Garden Glam’

Is your mom a garden lover? Do you think sometimes she might love her plants more than you? We know that’s not the case, but if your mom does seem to spend a lot of time talking to her plants, then the perfect gift for your garden-obsessed mom is our signature ‘Garden Glam’ gift set.

This high-quality gardening-themed gift set comes pre-packed with everything your mom needs for a green thumb including a copy of the “Growing Herbs" book, a gold plant mister, a ceramic botanical scented soy candle, a pack of five herb seeds, verbena scented hand cream, and a bottle of liquid plant nutrients. 

Shop Mother’s Day Gift Idea:  ‘Picnic Perfect’

Get out and enjoy nature with your mom for Mother’s Day this year. Give her the gift of quality time with you on a picnic with our signature ‘Picnic Perfect’ gift set. This pre-packed picnic-themed gift has everything your mom needs to get out and enjoy a meal al fresco - hopefully with you!

Packed with everything mothers need for a perfect picnic, this food-themed picnic gift set includes a large picnic basket, a set of two bamboo melamine plates, a picnic recipe book, a package of gourmet cheese straws, a picnic blanket, a citronella-scented candle, a set of two ginger lemon flavored sodas, a set of two gourmet shortbread cookies, and a jar of raspberry jam.

Shop Mother’s Day Gift Idea:  ‘In Full Bloom’

Does your mom appreciate those beautiful pink and white cherry blossom blooms? Even if she can’t make it to Washington, DC this year to see the cherry blossom trees in all of their glory, our signature ‘In Full Bloom’ gift set will instantly transport her to springtime in the nation’s capital.

This pink and white, ultra-feminine-themed gift set is perfect for Mother’s Day. It comes ready to enjoy the cherry blossoms including a Furoshiki gift wrap, a Kyoto-inspired soy candle, a package of small batch cherry blossom flavored tea, a glass cherry blossom themed tea infuser, cherry blossom scented hand soap, and a copy of the Library of Congress “Cherry Blossom” coffee table book.

Shop Mother’s Day Gift Idea:  ‘Caffeine Queen’

Could your mom use a boost? How about a little jump start in the morning? If your mom is the queen of your life and she’s also a coffee lover, she’ll appreciate our signature ‘Caffeine Queen’ gift set for Mother’s Day this year.

This stylish and thoughtful coffee-themed gift for mom includes a Terrazzo brand travel mug, a set of two leather coasters, a package of gourmet brown butter cookies, a package of artisan sugar cubes, and a package of whole bean coffee. 

There’s no better time to express appreciation to your mom or that special mother figure in your life than right now. We have a collection of luxurious and hand-curated Mother’s Day-themed gift sets waiting for you to conveniently deliver right to your mom. Our high-quality gifts are easy to order for your mom, and even easier to deliver in plenty of time for a stress-free Mother’s Day. Your mom will be so proud!

Happy giffing for mom! 


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