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Meet My Very First Rescue Pup // Behind the Biz

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Posted By: Jamie Kutchman

With yesterday being National Puppy Day, it got me thinking about the recent addition to our family and how it all came about. To be honest, winding up with a rescue puppy was a little random for me. Growing up, we always had several dogs but they all came from breeders. Over the holidays this past year, I felt we were finally ready to add a dog to the family especially considering I now work from home most of the time while designing welcome gifts for weddings and corporate events. I just happened to take a spin around and was SHOCKED at how many amazing dogs were available in shelters across the country. Dogs in every age, shape, breed and size imaginable. I begged my husband (and, of course, got my stepkids on-board with the begging and pleading) and not soon after, he caved. On a total leap of faith, we were headed down to All4Paws Rescue in South Carolina to pick up “Murphy”, who is now known as Lewis.

Here we are, on our 8 hour drive back to DC. Someone was a happy boy!


Rescuing was the best thing we could’ve ever done. It’s brought SOOOO much joy to our home. Who knew a 7.5 pound dog could have such an effect on a bunch of humans? I talk baby talk non-stop. I catch my manly-man husband sprawled out on the floor playing with him and kissing him on his head. Yup, the same guy who thought we weren't ready for a dog!

All of this also has me thinking about social media and how so much of it is about capturing the prettiest, most flawless images. Sometimes it seems there is very little room for imperfection or even average. Well, my puppy has gross tear stains in his eyes and doesn’t like to have them cleaned. He enjoys rolling around in the dirt and leaves and instead of being bright white, he ends up being beige. His hair is full of static and it stands straight up. He doesn’t exactly listen. He definitely isn't a purebred. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s a healthy dose of “real” that’s good to have around. And perfect or not, I post pictures of him on Instagram like a crazy woman.

Speaking of static...


I’m not going to lie. Having a puppy is a tough adjustment. It’s a CONSTANT job. Taking them out every couple of hours, and yes, even in rain, ice and snow.  Saying goodbye to your favorite shoes because they’ve been chewed into pieces. Or worse, actually getting the motivation to work out and finding your running shoes without any laces! No more freedom to be gone for the day without making prior arrangements. And, of course, having to give up some space in the bed.

Oh yeah, and let's not forget about his fascination with toilet paper. He can accomplish a lot while I'm on a 20 minute conference call...


But each time I begin to get frustrated with him, I look at him and think how awful it must’ve been to be dumped at the shelter and put in a crate, left to grieve over his original family. My heart just melts for him and I become patient all over again. It’s a bond that I’ve never had with any other dog and I truly believe it’s because we rescued him. Don’t ask me why but it somehow means more to me. Hoping my husband doesn't read this part but it’s only a matter of time until we get another. And another. Annnnd another. I’d rescue hundreds if I could.


Stay tuned to the blog for even more Behind the Biz posts!

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