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Top Custom Corporate Holiday Gift Designs

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Posted By: Jamie Kutchman

When it comes to business gifting for the holiday season, whether for your repeat clients, most loyal customers, or hard-working employees, let’s make it extraordinary! We’re pushing the traditional corporate gifting envelope past the typical chocolates, bottles of wine, or yet another basic and boring company-branded gift item they won’t actually use. We are proud and excited to share some of our favorite - and our client's most favorite - custom corporate holiday gift designs from this past year featuring unique and useful gift items.

Marigold & Grey we work hand-in-hand with our corporate partners to custom design and deliver truly unique and thoughtful holiday gifts for employees, clients, customers, and anyone who businesses want to leave a lasting impression with during the holiday season. Our custom business holiday gifts are designed with out-of-box themes to excite and delight gift recipients during the holidays. When businesses are trying to break through the holiday hustle and bustle and say ‘thank you’ in a memorable way, it's the little details in a gift's design that matter.

Often, the companies we work with to custom design their year-end holiday gifts have specific goals or themes in mind when they come us. They are hoping to achieve a clear mission or specific purpose, and we are here for it! They don't want to send holidays gifts just for the sake of sending them as an obligation, or because that's what they're supposed to do. Instead, the businesses we work with see corporate gifting as a unique marketing opportunity to foster connection and generate buzz. They want their holiday gifts to have a wow-factor, and make an impact on their customers, clients and employees. 

From cozy to festive to wellness to unconventional to locally inspired to corporate branded with their logo, let’s unwrap our top custom corporate holiday gift designs from the past year.


Beyond a holiday seasonal cheerful gift, Bommarito Automotive Group hoped to say 'thank you' for the productive working relationships maintained throughout the year with their clients and customers. The priority for their custom design corporate holiday gifts was a gender-neutral gift set that was appropriate for everyone. They also wanted holiday gifts with a formal design and a high end appeal with a strong and classic structure, as the company is a utility contractor in the construction industry.

To achieve their custom holiday gifting goals, we sourced a luxurious bright red gift box wrapped with a gold foil bellyband printed with their company logo. Inside, each custom holiday gift was filled with a charcuterie board theme, including a slate cheeseboard, a marble and brass cheese knives set, a bottle of artisan extra virgin olive oil, a gourmet cabernet sauvignon and cheddar cheese spread, artisan toasted cashews, gourmet assorted chocolate truffles for a sweet treat, and a St. Louis themed tea towel as a nod to the company's location.


We’ve worked with this wonderful company year after year and each year their holiday gifts get better and better! This year, Clark Construction hoped to deliver elevated yet thoughtful gifts to their employees during the holiday season. They wanted their custom corporate gifts for their employees to feel plentiful, and represent local, minority, and small businesses from cities where their offices are located.

To accomplish their custom holiday gifting goals, we sourced an on-brand blue keepsake gift box and packed each gift full of useful items from small, local, and minority-owned businesses. Their custom holiday gifts included an acacia wood cutting board from a small women-owned business based in San Diego, a high-quality matte gold stainless steel cheese and jam spreader, a bottle of olive oil from a local Baltimore-based small business that was founded by Peruvian natives who focus on modern ingredients that are ethically sourced, a handmade power berry nut mix made from a Washington DC area based local women and black-owned small business, an all-natural artisan salami from a Seattle based women and Latino-owned business, olive oil and sea salt dipping crackers that are handmade from an Atlanta-based women- owned small business, and organic assorted chocolate truffles made by a San Francisco based Asian American and women-owned business. 


For this innovative brand, we were tasked to custom design professional holiday gifts with high-quality gift items for their employees. Edgesource wanted company-branded gift items with their logo included inside each gift to provide employees with new company swag to enjoy and use without worry.

For these luxury employee holiday gifts, we packed each gift full with a custom embroidered The North Face windbreaker jacket, a custom ceramic bistro mug, a stainless steel stirring spoon, gourmet cinnamon and nutmeg hot chocolate, vanilla bean marshmallow with salted caramel toasted shortbread cookies, and a snack bag of handmade artisanal dark chocolate, marshmallow, and crushed peppermint candy popcorn.



Showing appreciation around the holidays is more fun with a festive, winter-themed gift set, which is what our custom holiday gifting client, iHire wanted for their holiday gifts this year. As an employment company, iHire wanted to send custom holiday gifts that were on-brand with an industry focus that helped to inspire connection with their VIP clients. Most of all, they wanted to let their top clients know that they appreciated their business throughout the year.

For these fun-yet-festive corporate custom holiday gifts, we used a cozy-at-home theme to encourage recipients to take a much-needed break and connect with their loved ones at the end of the year. Each branded holiday gift was packed in a snowy white gift box topped off with a luxurious blue and white throw blanket that is perfect for cuddling up. Inside, the cozy wintery-themed gifts included herbal mint tea, a mini JBL brand speaker, a warm and cozy themed candle, a portable ceramic coffee mug, and an artisan milk chocolate gingerbread chocolate bar.


The holidays are an ideal time for companies to show deep appreciation to their employees. Patriot Car Dealerships were eager to give holiday gifts to their employees that felt exciting and included high-end gift items they could use and enjoy. Their custom holiday gifts including branded gift items with their company logo all packed inside of a high-end duffle bag.

To achieve this company's holiday gifting goals, we custom designed a gift set to include a duffle bag from The North Face with a custom embroidered logo, a herringbone woven throw blanket, a handmade custom branded box of vanilla bean caramels with a dark and milk chocolate shell, a custom branded Stanley tumbler with their logo, and custom designed socks with their logo.


For the holiday season, MDVIP hoped for holiday gifts that could be shipped directly to their affiliated physicians for them to use and enjoy at home. This healthcare company wanted to show appreciation to their employees and partners, and a festive yet elegant holiday theme was perfect for their custom gift design.

For these custom holiday gift sets, we chose an ivory keepsake gift box wrapped in a custom branded metallic foil belly band and filled it with luxury snack gift items with a charcuterie board concept including a small wooden cutting board, artisanal uncured salami, black olive tapenade, organic sourdough flatbread crackers, a luxurious cheddar cheese bar, a spicy cocktail crunch nut mix, and individually wrapped festive chocolates. 



The holiday season is an excellent time of year to thank your top customers and clients and with custom-designed gifts, your gifts can stand out from the crowd of the holidays. Men's performance wear designer, Mizzen & Main asked us to curate thoughtful holiday gifts with an upscale presentation including high-quality gift items that their recipients would love.

To accomplish their holiday gifting goals this year, we sourced a keepsake navy gift box to match their company's branding aesthetic and packed inside each gift a custom branded hat and golf club head cover with their company's tagline, a wireless charger for technology power on the go, and a top-grain leather valet tray.


For their holiday gifts this year, luxury travel consultants Ourisman Travel wanted to give something to their most valued clients that they could use frequently that would instantly spark the thought of "Ourisman Travel gave me this." With the ultimate goal of genuinely thanking their clients for their trusted partnerships throughout the year, they hoped for their custom holiday gifts to be designed to emulate a feeling of luxury and travel - both concepts which are very much on brand for this company.

To accomplish their travel-inspired custom holiday gift design, we sourced chic black gift boxes and filled them with luxurious gift items including a hotel lobby scented holiday candle, a set of Cadence brand travel containers, an Aesop brand travel kit with travel essentials for hydrating hands, protecting skin and maintaining oral hygiene while on the go, and a Dagne Dover brand neoprene toiletry bag.



Creating a special holiday moment with gifts was important to our custom client PIE, Pamunkey Indian Enterprises. With their custom holiday gift design, they hoped those receiving their gifts would feel valued and special. It was also important for their custom gifts to incorporate their overall brand feeling and the meaning behind their brand including their mission and community stewardship.

To achieve a custom holiday gift that was truly special, we sourced luxurious keepsake pine wood gift boxes and filled them with high-end yet comforting items including, a S’Well brand insulated water bottle, luxurious latte drink cubes, artisan drinking chocolate, a dark chocolate bar, as well as a blue plaid throw blanket, a silver candle snuffer, a conifer scented soy candle, and a pack of fancy matches.



For this year’s custom corporate holiday gifts, First American Petroleum wanted to give thoughtful on-brand gifts to show appreciation and share pride in their Native American history. First American Petroleum is one of the largest Native American-owned wholesale fuel providers to tribal lands in the country, so we strived to source luxurious gift items from native-owned businesses and artists that were not only reflective of their brand, but their culture.

To achieve custom holiday gifts with a rich cultural history, we packed a luxurious keepsake black gift box full of colorful gift contents from Native American-owned businesses, including a Native American brand Bison Star Naturals cedar scented body lotion, a sea and cedar handcrafted soap from an eight-generation Native American-owned business, white chocolate covered pretzels with custom branded label, a Southwest Indian Foundation patchouli pinon scented candle with an arrowhead detail, a set of two Sacred Bev brand drinks, and a gingerbread dark chocolate bar. 



Software company, Ushur wanted custom corporate holiday gifts that were designed to treat their employees with useful branded technology-themed gifts, and gourmet snacks that they would enjoy. To truly show appreciation for employees after all of their hard work and dedication throughout the year, we custom-designed holiday gift sets that were a huge step up from the typical pre-packaged-type of holiday gifts.

At the center of these out-of-the-box designed corporate holiday gifts is a custom-branded laptop sleeve branded with the company's logo. We also packed luxurious gift boxes with high-quality snacks we knew employees would love to munch on after work and during office breaks including gourmet dark chocolate truffles, and artisan caramel chocolate drizzle popcorn.


For their custom corporate holiday gifts this year, Rose Roofing wanted to present beautiful gift sets to their entire team to recognize their hard work after a groundbreaking year. They wanted custom holiday gifts that were not only fun and festive but also included functional on-brand gift items that their team would truly appreciate.

To achieve these unconventional style corporate holiday gifts that thanked their employees for their dedication to the team throughout the year, we started with a keepsake white gift box and filled it with gift items that were on-brand with the company's aesthetic including a customized branded foldable backpack, a mini-bluetooth speaker, a peppermint dark chocolate bar, artisan moonshine pecans to enjoy as snacks, and a S’well insulated water bottle to match the brand’s colors.



Creating custom client gifts for the holidays with an exciting and high-end feel that their clients would love was a top priority for Transcard this year. This unique custom corporate holiday gift design featured two tiers to allow for different levels of similar gift designs to be given to the appropriate recipient. Their custom holidays also included special touches around a whiskey theme and even a nod to their UK office. 

With so many thoughtful and luxurious items packed into the gifts, there was simply no way for any recipient to not be delighted and surprised with their holiday gift! To achieve their multi-tiered gifting design goals, we designed similar-yet-unique custom gifts that had a matching overall look and feel that was on brand for the company, but each design was distinctly different to give recipients an individualized experience.

For the first custom holiday gift tier, we sourced a luxe navy blue keepsake box and filled it with a branded concrete-themed candle, a leather branded notebook from a company local to the UK, a ballpoint pen, and a self-cleaning LARQ branded water bottle with a custom logo. We topped off each gift with an UnHide brand premium plush blanket customized with their logo.

For their leveled-up corporate holiday gifting tier, our goal was a truly unique and luxurious experience. We packed a custom-branded Yeti brand hard cooler with their company's logo together with whiskey-themed gifts including a set of double insulated rocks cocktail glasses, an artisan snack mix, a custom logo ice cube tray, and a bottle of whiskey.



To let their top clients know that they appreciated their business iHire wanted us to create an energized yet festive holiday gift set for their Work In Sports brand. This brand is inspired by community and connections, so we were able to carry this theme throughout their custom corporate holiday gifts for a one-of-a-kind experience that isn't typical with traditional corporate gifting.

To reach their holiday corporate gifting goals, we sourced a keepsake white gift box and packed it full of refreshing and energizing themed gifts to set gift recipients up for the year ahead, including a mini JBL Bluetooth speaker, a custom branded wireless charging pad, and a Paravel branded foldable backpack. We also added some goodies and treats for their clients to enjoy with cookies and cream popcorn, and a coffee crunch dark chocolate bar.


The thoughtful holiday gifts for Mira Contract were custom-designed with a cozy aesthetic and warm winter feel to give a non-traditional corporate gifting experience unlike what you typically find with corporate gifting. A top priority for the client was for their holiday gifts to have a wellness and home theme. Additionally, as a women-owned business ourselves, we were proud to source and include gifts contents from women-owned small businesses.

To achieve their corporate holiday gifting goals, we started with a keepsake ivory gift box and wrapped each one with a custom-branded belly band. Inside the luxurious winter-themed gift sets was a Cortez brand plaid mohair throw blanket from a wome-owned business, a handmade floral selenite bundle from a women and Asian American Pacific Islander owned business, a handmade sandalwood and shea-scented natural bath bomb from a women and black-owned small business, a handmade set of two concrete coasters from a women, Latino and indigenous owned business, an essential oil diffuser from a women-owned business, a bottle of handmade natural fragrance oil from a women-owned small business, and handmade straight pillar candle from a women-owned and immigrant small business.


Featuring useful content was important to Trophy Signature Homes for their custom corporate holiday gifts this year. They also had a top priority of a wellness-centered gift theme with high-quality items as a way to show their appreciation to their gift recipients.

To reach their gifting goals, we designed a unique corporate holiday set packed in an upscale silver keepsake gift box. Inside, we included an orange peppermint scented shower steamer, a gourmet dark chocolate bar, sea salt caramels packaged with a custom-branded wax seal from a Dallas-based business local to the company's headquarters, an eucalyptus and fir balsam pine scented candle, a custom copper foil match box, two glass bottles of Voss brand water, and a wellness-themed room spray.


We’re honored year after year to work with amazing companies on custom-designed corporate holiday gifts with truly out-of-the-box design concepts that businesses and company's won't find anywhere else. No matter your goals, theme or reason for gifting during the holidays, a carefully curated and thoughtfully executed holiday gift set will stand out from the noise during the holiday season and create a lasting impression for your brand on deserving employees, clients, customers long after the holidays have come and gone. 

Let our expert gifting team at M&G help curate and create the perfect custom corporate gifts to celebrate holidays and honor your employees, clients, team members, referral sources, and business partners

Happy custom corporate holiday gifting!


When it comes to corporate gifting, gifts for your business, or gifts for your company's employees, clients or events, there are three unique ways to gift with Marigold & Grey.

#1: Custom Gift Design Service

If you're interested in elevated branded gifts for your company for employee appreciation, holiday or any corporate event in between, please get in touch with us to ask about our custom corporate gift design services. We'd love to work with you or your team to create something that reflects your company's brand with limitless options for customization to include branding the packaging, gift contents, printed collateral, and more. 

#2: Add-Your-Own-Logo Program (i.e. Semi-Custom Gifts)

In addition to custom gift design, we also offer a thoughtful semi-custom gift design program with low order minimums and your company's logo and brand on each gift you send. Our Add-Your-Own-Logo Program is perfect for businesses that want to send company branded gifts either all at once for an event or particular marketing campaign OR throughout the year, on demand as you need them, for special occasions like employee appreciation, birthdays, client thank-you gifts, and more.

#3: Ready-to-Ship Collection in our Online Shop

For curated gift sets and themed gift baskets that are easy to send for any occasion in life or work, don't forget to shop our curated collection of ready-to-ship gift boxes with quick turnarounds and no order minimums. These ship out within 1-3 business days; rush next-day shipping is also available at checkout.

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