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Recent Job Promotions and New Hires at Team Marigold & Grey


Posted By: Jamie Kutchman

It's been a long while since we've made any job promotion announcements or announcements introducing new team members who have joined our crew. You might be wondering why we used to make public announcements and got out of the habit of doing so over the last couple of years? The honest answer is that we've had a few hires that have not worked out such as in this situation, and it made me hesitant to make official announcements about hiring for fear that it would jinx us if we announced new hires too soon. But starting now, we are pledging to get better about this because our team members definitely deserve to be celebrated publicly in addition to being recognized internally! Today's post should bring everyone up to speed on our latest team news and we will be sure to post again regularly (like we used to!) once we have more to report. 

We'll start with Jordan who has recently been promoted to Managing Director. She began as our Studio Manager back in the fall of September 2019 and fun fact: she started with Marigold & Grey just a mere two weeks prior to our major building fire! Oh my goodness, I'm so glad she hung in there and stuck around rather than running like a lot of other people probably would've done given the circumstances! She was instrumental in helping get us back on our feet while also ensuring a smooth client experience for our clients, even amidst a crisis. Jordan's role is heavily rooted in project management, as she interacts with all of our custom gift design clients while also making sure everything runs smoothly across all parts of the business. As we place an even higher emphasis on process and procedure in 2022 to help the business scale to even greater heights, Jordan as Managing Director will be assuming even more responsibility for our SOPs and business operations. We are so thankful to have her part of the team and don't know where we would be without her!

Next up is Casey, our Production Manager. Casey started with during holiday season of 2019, as a seasonal production assistant. She was an immediate standout and grasped gift assembly, ribbon tying, and our overall way of doing things very quickly. We ended up bringing her back after the holiday season was over to continue help with custom gift design projects and e-commerce gift box orders and later on in 2020, we asked her to join our team full time as Production Assistant! In the spring of 2021, she was promoted to Production Manager. Casey has a unique ability to juggle multiple custom projects at once, with many different moving parts, and making sure that we never miss project deadlines. With her background as an art teacher, she's fantastic at training new production team members and making sure they ramp up and can execute gift assembly to our standards! Not only can she tie an amazing bow but she's incredible at teaching others exactly how to do it. One of these days we're going to have to create a how-to-tie-the-perfect-ribbon video featuring Casey! It's definitely on our to-do list!

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Studio Assistant caseyNext up is Morgan, our Production Team Lead in e-commerce. Morgan game to us just out of college and began as a Production Assistant. She was very quickly promoted to Team Lead after recognizing her unique ability to crank out large quantities of gift boxes from our website with both speed and precision which is difficult to do. In addition to mastering gift production, she is calm under pressure and does a fantastic job training and leading others! She has come such a long way in a short amount of time and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for her here at M&G!

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Production Lead MadisonNext on our list is Chloe, our Studio Manager. Chloe originally began with us in the summer of 2021 where she was hired to assist our Studio Manager by answering all of the inquiries that come into the business which means juggling countless emails, phone calls, and simultaneous online chats. If you reach out to M&G, chances are Chloe is the one you're going to communicate with first! She  caught on extremely quickly to the art of custom gift design and began taking on design projects of her own, from design to sourcing to inventory tracking. She was recently promoted to Studio Manager which means even more of an active project management role with our custom design clients as well as overseeing all things related to the warehouse to make sure things are running smoothly. Chloe's has a keen eye for design and an extraordinary attention to detail, most likely from her years in retail and merchandising prior to joining our team. She is the perfect fit for us and we're so thankful to have found her. 

Curated gift box business Marigold & Grey welcomes Studio Assistant ChloeNext I'm excited to introduce you to Rose, our Production Lead for custom gift design. Rose has a background in commercial interior design and was a HUGE help in deciding how to organize our newly renovated warehouse space and helped us make a seamless transition from our old space to our new location during the busiest time of the year. Thanks to Rose's expert space planning, things went far more smoothly than we could've ever imagined and thanks to her design eye, we had a cohesive plan for interior design too! When not helping us with a major move or other special projects related to operations, Rose leads the custom gift design side of the business. This means gift assembly, quality checking inventory across all projects, directing others on the team, and even jumping in to help over in our e-commerce side of the business whenever an extra set of hands is needed. We are thankful to have Rose and her many talents on our team!

Next please meet Katie who joined our team in late 2021 as Director of Business Development. Katie comes to us with an extensive background in the catering space, which we've since discovered has a lot of similarities to what we do in the gifting space, considering both are heavy on both design and operations when selling. Katie not only loves interacting with both existing and potential clients, she is an exceptional team player and communicator. She lends her expertise in all areas of the business based on her many years of leadership experience. We are extremely lucky to have Katie and cannot wait to continue witnessing the countless contributions she will make to this team in both business development and beyond!

And last but not least, our brand new Digital Marketing Assistant Cathryn! Cathryn joins the team as our resident digital storyteller which means you can often find her with her camera in one hand and her iPhone in another, documenting all the moving parts and behind-the-scenes moments at M&G including our finished gift box creations! Let's face, we're all quite busy around here and perhaps even camera shy at times, but it has not taken long for our crew to feel comfortable with Cathryn snagging us at a moment's notice to appear in her latest Reel or TikTok. (Yes, we're fiiiiinally on TikTok, did you see?!) Cathryn makes being behind the camera light and fun while mastering our brand voice and aesthetic virtually overnight.

Grey welcomes Digital Marketing Assistant CathrynWe hope you've enjoyed meeting some of our recent hires and newly promoted team members! Worth noting, we are still hiring for some open positions and once those are solidified, we can't wait to make more announcements to keep you all updated. For more details about each of our team members listed above, please visit here!

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